With a simple to operate panel, you can customize keystrokes however you please. You can change colours, size, border, thickness, fonts, transparency, shape and shadows to make every keystroke your very own. You can save every setting with different named presets so you can use it later. Create as many presets as you need.


Align keystrokes to your desired screen position and then adjust it horizontally or vertically. Save every setting to use it later. Create multiple saves for different software. Load it again and the keystrokes position will be exactly the same to where you stopped recording.


From now, you are not limited just to single keystrokes. With shortcut editor, you can show whatever action is behind the desired shortcut. Create your own combination and description for better understanding from the students. If you are learning by yourself, it will help you to remember all shortcuts much quicker. Save all your shortcuts from different programs like Photoshop, Excel, Windows, to use it later with different software. You can save the combination as many times as you want.


You can customize different options; Change keystrokes display time, turn on/off mouse click, add sound clicks and shaking effects. is updating constantly and you can expect more updates in the near future.



Do I need an internet connection to use keystrokes expert?

You only need an internet connection on activation time to premium. If you are using free version you don't need an internet connection at all.

Can I use keystrokes expert in game?

Yes, but usage is limited to windowed mode or borderless windowed mode. It's because full screen DirectX/OpenGL programs are working in very different way.

How to get future updates?

You can check for new updates in build-in program function. If latest update is available then will lead you to a download page.